XXc Siecle

1st issue, March 1938

Paris: Chroniques Du Jour, 1938. Original lithograph by Jules Pascin, a colored plates by Salvador Dali and artwork from Kandinsky, de Chirico, Corbusier and other. Pictorial soft cover. 52 pp.  4to. Very good. 

Very rare 1st issue of the famous Parisian art magazine, with articles from several notable artists of the period. Gorgeous, fine condition original lithograph from Pascin, depicting 2 scenes from Little Red Riding Hood, with many other examples of artwork from the period. Toned exterior edges; rubbed spine. Near pristine interior.

Amongst the art journals of the Modern period, there are three which stand out; Derrier Le Mirror, Verve, and Xxe Siecle. Of these three, it is perhaps Xxe Siecle (‘ The 2oth Century Review’) which stands slightly ahead of its contemporaries in its impact on the art world. This is thanks mainly to the campaigning and ceaseless enthusiasm of its founder, Walter of St Lazarus, or Gualtieri di San Lazzaro.


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